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Our app

Oli help is an app for parents of kids with ADHD, who want to be part of the solution to their daily challenges, using practical, evidence-based tools.

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Oli is our mascot who guides parents through the app


Our app uses science and technology to provide parents help 24/7.


What we do differently: expert information readily available; on-the-spot support when you need it most; the chance to deepen the connection with your child in everyday life.

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Explore ADHD from A to Z

Overwhelmed by the ever-growing amount of information out there on ADHD?  Unsure where to begin and what to trust? We’ve made it simple with our curated selection of content developed especially for parents in your situation and you get to choose the format most suitable to your preferences! 

Read, listen, ask or help yourself to your daily dose of parent pills… Explore with Oli!


Practice makes progress

On-the-spot support to do things differently is what we provide but there’s no magic wand and you’ll need to do your part to see real change! Time is precious so we’ve developed a whole suite of activities that will help you find solutions to your daily challenges, whilst giving you the chance to deepen your connection with your child.

Don’t forget to recharge your own batteries in the process, we’ll show you how!

It’s going to be an interactive process, where we’ll be able to help you become more effective thanks to your feedback… Practise with Oli!


Get help!

From theory to practice, what do you actually do and say when things get hard? Struggling to understand why your child behaves in a certain way and how to address it? We know how hard it is to parent kids with diverse minds especially when it comes to finding practical assistance. Our ‘get help’ feature is available 24/7 because we know well that meltdowns can happen any time.

Be prepared and get help when you need it most.


Build your memory bank

There are many good reasons to keep a journal, but there’s one we’re especially fond of: reminding you of all the positive interactions with your child! We’ll encourage you to record activities, take pictures, reflect on thoughts and feelings and make the best possible use of your data (we take your privacy seriously) in order to best help your child. Even difficult moments can be of help as you can’t change undesired behaviour without understanding it!

Experience it all, we’ll help you get the most out of it!


Tools at your fingertips


Oli wants to help you In Real Life and that’s why we’ve developed a range of tools to be used alongside our activities and independently in both digital and printable formats. Our creative team has designed them to be as versatile as possible but always keeping science and children’s needs in mind!


Have fun personalising Oli’s worksheets and if you can’t find what you need, just shout!

Oli help empowers parents of kids with diverse minds so they can create a transformative impact on their children’s lives.

From the mum of one.

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