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Our team

Oli help’s team is made up of an eclectic group of professionals who care for a more inclusive future.

Valeria has built her career in the private and public sector on the back of her ability to deliver creative solutions and to build high performing teams. Her passion for technology brought her to Thoughtworks, after extensive hands-on product management and digital transformation experience. At the EBRD in London she held several leadership positions focusing on social and economic change. While change features prominently in her CV, it was her personal experience of behavioural change necessary to support her son that inspired her to create Oli help. Valeria holds an MPA from Columbia University and the London School of Economics.


Valeria Della Rosa

Founder & CEO


Dr. Emily DuPre

Clinical Psychologist Lead

Emily is a licensed and accredited child and family clinical psychologist who earned her PhD in the United States, working in academic medical centres including Massachusetts General Hospital and UCLA Medical Center. She then conducted clinical work in Hong Kong before continuing her career in the United Kingdom, where she currently practices. She has extensive expertise in several subspecialties, including childhood ADHD, OCD, and severe emotional dysregulation. In addition to her professional work, Emily has a personal interest in children’s psychological well-being as the mother of two young children, one of whom is neurodiverse.


Julia Woollams

Brand & Design Lead

Julia is a graphic designer and branding consultant working across a variety of sectors, from culture and NGO, to health, education and technology. She has over two decades experience solving unique brand and communications challenges. Making a positive social difference through creativity is a priority: as well as consulting with clients big and small and running her own community-based projects, she teaches degree students at Kingston School of Art. She has a particular interest in accessibility through design and child-centred communications.​ She has a daughter who has just started school.


Dr. Valeria Tessarollo

Child Neuropsychiatrist

Valeria is a medical doctor specialized in developmental mental health. She received her undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from the State University of Milan. For over 10 years she has been working within the neuropsychiatry department of San Paolo Hospital in Milan where she has gained valuable experience, particularly in the diagnosis and treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders. Moreover,  she is currently the coordinator of the specialist outpatient clinic for ADHD and behavioral disorders. She has always been interested in neurodiversity from a scientific point of view, but her passion for this field is fueled every day by the originality and potential it entails.


Dr. Ilaria Costantino

Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist

After graduating in clinical, developmental and neuropsychology from Bicocca University in Milan, Ilaria specialised in cognitive psychotherapy (CTC, Como) and obtained a master's degree in developmental psychotherapy (SBPC, Bologna). After many years working with neurodiverse children, since 2018 she is the psychologist in charge of Child, Parent and Teacher Trainings at the specialist outpatient clinic for ADHD at the San Paolo Hospital in Milan. She understands the difficulties that a neurodevelopmental disorder entails for the individual and the people around them, but she has also had the opportunity to discover their potential and build solutions in an open and reciprocal exchange in which psychological science is centred on people.


Pina Fenda Grody

Linguist &

Customer Care Lead

Pina is fluent in Italian, French, English, Spanish, Portuguese and German! She is an experienced interpreter, translator and editor in these languages. She read law at the University of Florence and graduated from the University of Trieste as a conference interpreter. She has lived in many countries on various continents and embraced the opportunity to learn from many different cultures and appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of each and every single one of them. Beyond languages, she has a deep passion for the arts, and couldn’t envisage life without music or poetry. Most importantly, she is the proud mother of two wonderful and talented young men... and forever a Montessori child!

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